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Roast Whole Chicken

You can cook almost everything using Multi-Functional Turbo Broiler. The good thing about Convection Oven cooking, the distribution of heat is even, the original flavour and aroma is retained, less cleaning and reduces fat as you can see the drippings that you can even use it for gravy afterwards.There’s also a reminder bell that sounds when cooking is completed and the timer dial is marked in minutes and thermostat sets temperature from 0 to 250’C

 How to cook Whole Roast Chicken using a Turbo Broiler

1.7 Kgs chicken/salt/pepper/soy sauce/few pieces of sliced carrots/onions/green pepper/celery or broccoli flower/potato strips/butter/ honey (optional)

*Wash chicken with cold running water. Remove the feet and giblets.Drain and pat dry completely. Rub inside cavity with salt and pepper. Add vegetables to cavity. Brush skin with soy sauce  and salt. With the chicken breast side up, fold the wing tips neatly under the body catching the neck skin. Tie the legs altogether. Make the body in good shape as plump and even as possible. Brush skin with melted butter and honey. Place aluminum foil underneath. Brush the rack with non-stick vegetable oil and place whole chicken onto the rack and roast at 180’C for 35 to 40 minutes.

Note: Always keep the chicken in good shape,avoid damaging the skin. Cooking time depends on the size of chicken. for small chicken, reduce the heat and increase for large chicken.

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