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Ginataang Kuhol with decorative snail fork that has a firm pointed tines.

In the restaurant,they serve some of my seafood favorites like; Black tiger prawns, crabs, lobsters, oysters,octopus. Beside the seafood platters, there’s a separate saucer for toothpicks to extract flesh of  snails. If you noticed, toothpicks are often provided when snails are served especially in buffet restaurants. Informal dining they provide toothpick for snails and for formal is always with tongs accompanied by steel snail fork.

Now, in Buffet restaurants, what are those toothpicks for? If you hear the word toothpick,would immediately come to mind the definite purpose is normally used for picking the dirt of teeth and now we are using for food, that’s 2 different thing which is not good for 2 different purpose of one kind. Is it a yucky thing? It is already a common practice around. Oftentimes, following a good dinner when guests are dressed up and toothpicks are served first when snails are present for appetizers. However, after eating, usually you ask for the same kind.

It is already a common practice that you can see around. It’s probably the easiest way  to keep table setting simple because of the number of guests involved that they can’t provide the proper fork intended for the purpose. Normally, in rural areas,they don’t use toothpick for snails either. They use their mouth to suck up pieces inside.

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Ginataang Kuhol

I will now share with you my unforgettable but funny experience. I never forget the first time I tried snail in the province. At first serious sampling,I threw up! I’ve tried it again the 2nd time, this time, is a serious tasting. The good recipe was Ginataang Kuhol, the aroma you can smell inside the house and thought it was delicious. I carefully imitate what the old are doing, following it. I carefully picked one and goes directly to my mouth and sucked it. Glorious! I’m a damn sucker! I sucked everything including the flesh,watery part and sandy portion. The bad thing? I almost sucked the whole piece of shell. LOL! It was here  that I learned to loved the taste minus the shell.

Helpful tips

For more successful and safe results, I suggests to use and select the best fork suited for  seafood. It is improper and unpleasant to see toothpicks beside the food itself. Simple rules are easy to learn following basic rules in using appropriate fork. We have different kinds of  fork for seafoods like; lobster fork, prawns fork, fish fork and cocktail fork for squid and octopus too.

Calling for a change

Which fork works best for snails? Seafood is considered more safe and special using appropriate fork which is more easier intended for this purpose. If you don’t have the steel snail fork or silver one, there’s a decorative fork which is plastic but firm and disposable like toothpicks too.The price is just right especially the small ones just like the price of toothpicks in a box. Check photos above!

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