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What kind of snack you would love to taste? Here’s a gift pack or house gift which is good and tasty.  It is beautifully sealed in a can to maintain freshness. It’s Hsin Tung Yang Fried Pork Fiber made in Taiwan, sold in can and gift boxes. Lots of distinctive taste to choose from,a selection of good and best specialties to bring home as souvenirs and gift for family and friends.

The wide array of dried meat variations mostly traditional shredded beef and pork. Fried Pork Fiber serves as a good snack for the day that goes well with any kind of drinks, it maybe hot or cold drinks. It is also a good toppings for hot congee, steamed rice, special sandwich to breads and an easy snack to grab if you are hungry. All best specialties and souvenirs with tasty flavors that you can buy in one store, Hsin Tung Yang Specialty Shop,Taiwan. I really love Taiwanese cuisine and tasty snacks of Hakka, Szechuan. Hunan and many more.. If you visit Taiwan, you mat want to try it to make your trip more memorable!

It’s been quiet a year now searching to discover international taste of good snacks.I’ve tried all Fried meat fibers and flakes. I prefer the gift packed in can which for me, is more handy and presentable. Empty can also be reusable for other items too. It probably looks like a special gift but more in the inside is a good treat for you.

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The special and traditional meat fiber will definitely spark your mood.

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Taiwanese mastered unique flavors of  dried meat and taste that counts.

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