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My favorite fruits but considered as among the infested ones

Love that fruits but is it safe to eat? Which one? After some warnings about the fruit bearing trees and plants were reported to be infested with scale insects,”Cocolisap” Previously, other infested fruits include some of my favorites; mangoavocado and papaya to name a few. Under control measures, approval shipments of these fruits requires a transport permit. Thanks for that news!

Lately, Upon doctors advice,( To be honest, I’m undergoing a medical treatment)to refrain from eating yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.  I was given a guidelines, a guide list of fruits which is good for my diet, those fruits available and prescribed by my dietitian are all those fruits best involved were among the infested ones. As you know, those imported fruits usually comes in yellow and orange in  color. That’s when, I decided to focus to other native fruits, anything better suited for me like; santol or cotton fruit, mangosteen and lanzones or Lansium parasiticum which I think is safe for me. It’s now move-of clean-up diet to some fruits.

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Santol or Cotton fruit

2 weeks ago, even the mangosteen and lanzones were among the infested new. How many more? I don’t know the prevention of such scale insects infesting fruits locally.I think, it’s really hard to control ”cocolisap”because the fruits widely infested grown in different grounds in some areas in the provinces so much to say that, it’s rainy season that farmers can raised some poor quality fruits severely infested by other disease like fungi but, I believed, some fruit plants and trees have some resistance to diseases too.

Yesterday, it was Sunday, it’s my supermarket day. As a weekly routine for fruits, I never missed to buy such. But, this time is different. So much to avoid my old favorites shifting to local fruits.I bought some local fruits for our weekly consumption. Day after, Some of my fruits shown brown marks and spots. Now, I’m afraid to think that these fruits are the approved products but damages caused by ”cocolisap” itself.I don’t even know how cocolisap looks like until just few minutes ago but, other fruit pests generally, I know how they look like which includes; red spider, mussel scale and sawfly. Without my favorites, my mood swings every time. It’s time for me to learn to love what is good for my health.It was my dietitians choice but not my choice!


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