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Let me continue my tasting desire of Taiwanese snacks . Here’s a pack which is extremely delicious and dry,   it’s ”Crispy pork paper with Almonds” it’s a very thin crisp pork with a touch of sweetness and bit spiciness. This one is something new and different that you should know and try, even my own friends around loves the sweet and spicy combination of flavors.

Just after eating few cards, the state of light spiciness will follow afterwards and will stay for more than 10 minutes. It is good as a snack, appetizer and good accompaniment to alcoholic beverage too. It will encourage bit active and sweating. It’s really good. The Crispy pork paper is quiet presentable, it was packed orderly and well-organized in a colorless rectangular container and well secured with a resealable plastic top.

IMG_8546 copy

I’ve tried almost all meat jerky variations  and these are my favorites. The Taiwanese taste is consistent that applies to traditional methods just as their practiced for many years. Some varieties I’ve been craving for is an ideal gift for friends and other various specialties quality style flavored with rich ingredients.

IMG_8582 copy

The Food packaging in Taiwan is often more attractive and creative than others. The product brochure is always attached. You can buy all Taiwanese specialties in one store,  the KUAI CHE  Traditional Food Shops in Taiwan. They offered other  specialties like;  Special thick pork jerky, Pork strips, Spicy Lemon flavor and many more…

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