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If you travel to Taiwan, one best taste that you can bring home is the Sliced dried pork. It is flavourful, firm and tender. The sweet and light spicy taste goes well with my appetite.

IMG_8574 copy

Hsin Tung Yang Dried Sliced Pork of Taiwan

 IMG_8565 copy

Good as a midnight snack and the  best food to munch at night. You can bring just beside you, it’s easier to eat Dried sliced pork anytime of the day because of its zip lock bag.

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The thin Dried pork flattened straight with a design of small circular shape on the surface. I served it with lemon wedges as appetizer. However, a hot congee topped with a bite-sized dried pork is also good for the first meal of the day, our good breakfast. It is also a good addition to any kind of thick soup and salad.

IMG_8568 copy

I never forget to check the expiration date, you can clearly see the  expiration date and origin. One good thing about Taiwan’s best specialties, the product brochure is always attached.

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