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A traditional Chinese wedding cake which is really different from the western type. China and Taiwan has their own  unique wedding cake which is different from the rest. Of course, if we talk about wedding cakes and pasties, the first thing that comes in your mind,we usually imagined the huge and creamy flavoured, the  layered one, elegant, lovely, glamorous and fantastic because it would be the best cake for a memorable day and would be the eye stopper for the great event.  But, it’s different in Taiwan.

Following their own culture and tradition, red color means ” goodluck” and dragon design symbolizes power and strength. The cake is also  used to worship the ancestors and it is generally called, ”Bridal Cake” or ”Happiness cake”

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Chinese Wedding Cake in a red box

The wedding cake was a gift given by a Chinese friend, among in the business circle living in Taiwan. At first, I really thought it was a moon cake because it looks like the original moon cake that I’ve published earlier.

The wedding cake is round and light brown in color, neatly moulded and Chinese word imprinted on top with the dragon design on the edge. It was a sweet pastry filled with a rich soft white bean without the salted eggs as we all know that when a pastry contains salted eggs, it would be a mooncake for the Moon festival.

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Whenever we travel to Taiwan, close friends never missed to give some special delicacies to bring home. It ‘s always a bite of sweet delicacies. I’ve tasted more than 12 kinds of different pastries from the same bakery such as; Pineapple cake, Honey sun cake, Madam cake, Egg yolk  pie, Moon cake, Rainbow cake, Taro cake, Green bean cake and now wedding cake.

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Among Taiwan’s best, the wedding cake with a dragon design.

The external features as you can see, it was extraordinary! Let’s take a look what’s inside! Because I like it, here’s I would like to share the taste, just a bit review. It was fresh,it smells good. So far, the whine bean filling is awesome! The sweet taste is excellent and softness is just right.  I want some more…

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The sweet Asian classic goes well with my morning tea. No matter if it’s green tea,Eight horses tea, Oolong tea,English Breakfast tea,Herb tea, red tea among others. UCC special blend is also a good match.

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To celebrate a wedding, serves also as a traditional gift. Inside the box  attached small red flyer where the cake was bought, the picture of the bakery with other pastries. The  bakery offers wide arrange of Chinese delicacies, best pastry favorites as  a  satisfying desserts and snacks.

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Shiny gold underneath you’ll see the same design as the cake under cover. It was beautifully moulded, thus, a very good presentation as a whole. For more Chinese pastries related content to refer you to other posts previously.

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