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Cooking in the garden

The most wonderful time for my family is when we  sit down together and eat some heart warming present from the kitchen. As you know, eating  in your home place is the most relaxing way to share your passion and love for food. I don’t even mind if it’s simple or not as long as it tastes good! For me, home is where the love is, a place to share good food, place for unity and intimacy.

Here are some things you need to know about home cooking

1. Eating in you home place is the most relaxing place to bond with your family, you’ll even feel at ease to sit down comfortably.

2. If you are a good cook, you can display your skills and knowledge. You can even show the best food preparation on the table as good as it tastes.

3. Creating your own,you can satisfy your own craving.

4. You can use your own cozy kitchen to  serve variety of dishes as well as hospitality to entertain your own guests.

5. Very economical, you can save time and money.

6. You are 100% sure, the food is clean and safe to eat.

7. It’s easy to create a wonderful dish with all the kitchen tools beside you; pressure cooker, rice cooker, right spices and knives, just within your reach.

8. A number of good options and alternatives you can do in your own kitchen. You can reduce intake of sugar, salt, fats and you can make a traditional flavor of your favorite dish from grandma.

9. You can give your family a special treat or treatment right away, particularly kids demanding for sweet tooth or, if a family member undergoing a special diet or nutritional makeover. You can simply calculate giving low-calorie foods to reduce the risk of diabetes (any which helps to control blood sugar levels)or anything to lower cholesterol level .

While, restaurant is also good or home delivery for busy moms out there. Sometimes, If you eat in a restaurant, you’ll find yourself uneasy rushing because of people coming in and out, it would disrupt your appetite knowing that other customers are anxiously waiting to occupy your table..

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