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Apple-Kiwi-Berry Shake, just as smooth and creamy. When you want something fresh and sweet, make a fruit shake.

 What you need:


I kiwi

8  fresh strawberry

1/4 cup honey

½ cup milk

1 cup ice cubes or 2 cups crushed ice


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Luscious and elegant cutouts of fresh fruits for healthy drinks. You can use  any seasonal fruit of your choice. It’s easy to make!

DSC00905 copy

My strawberries, See how fresh it is! It’s sweet and juicy!


How to make:

Wipe each strawberry with paper towel. Remove the stem and stalk.

IMG_2831 copy

Slice the top off and cut halfway.

IMG_4109 copy

Peel off the fuzzy skin of kiwi with a small sharp knife, cut into 4 wedges.

IMG_4128 copy

Wash and peel the apple and halve lengthways, cut the other half into 4. Place all fruits in a blender and blend it once.

IMG_4181 copy

Add crushed ice or ice cubes, honey, milk and blend it smoothly. Pour in a tall or cocktail glass.

IMG_4261 copy

Decorate with thin slice of strawberry, kiwi or a sprig of mint.

IMG_4260 copy

The finished product!A sweet touch added of fresh strawberries down there.

Note : Additional decorations: Decorative Chinese umbrella is good for cocktail or tall glasses. 

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