Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


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I never break the habit of bringing our favorite fruits on the table no matter if it is a juice, shake or smoothies as long as anything nutritious is made out of fruits. Some of our healthy drinks is an everyday fruit choice for the family. I will always welcome any family member to make the right choice and suggestion on what kind of fruit to blend for the day. This is how I value our health and handle their cravings.

A refreshing shake is brought out to the garden, the atmosphere is good enough to cool our mood especially during hot days. It’s relaxing to sip your favorite drinks while refreshing outside. Previously, I made a some fruit shakes ¬†and smoothies such as; strawberry shake, cantaloupe shake, guyabano, mango, avocado, apple, papaya to name a few. It was our daily health intakes.

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