Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


Copy of IMG_6053 copy Mango Shake Healthy drinks are delightfully varied and easy to make. Sources of fiber, Vit. A and antioxidants closely related to Vit. C are found in citrus fruits. From fruit and vegetables, maintains healthy heart, controls weight, controls estrogen levels and constipation. The particular combination of sweet berries and other fresh fruits; guyabanos, pineapples, raspberries, lychees and fresh citrus. For Vegetable shakes; additions of carrots, celery, parsley, cucumber and broccoli gives anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits.This is the reason why I never break the habit of bring any healthy drinks on the table during mealtime, Frequently served during hot days or any hour of the day as our mood calls for it. One more thing, it is an automatic intake of water and guide to a healthy body and heart.  Note: 5 or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables is good. To those who are following special diet, you need to consult your doctor and dietitian before making the changing process of intakes.

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