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 Pineapple-Pear Shake

Makes: 400 ml


What you need:

220 g Fresh pineapple cubes

1 Pear

1 cup water

2 tbsps  Lychee juice

1/4 cup honey

2 cups  ice cubes


How to make:

To prepare the pineapple, the short-cut way > Cut the pineapple crown of leaves. Cut the pineapple into thick slices with a sharp knife. Cut the stingy skin around the circle edge. Remove the woody core with a small pastry cutter. Cut into chunks.

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To prepare the pear using a pear wedger, the easy way of cutting  >  Press the cutter down firmly from the top and the pear will separate into a neat wedge-shaped slices. However, if you don’t have a pear wedger, you can peel the pear and remove the seeds and hard membrane at the center. Cut into cubes.

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After cutting the 2 fruits into cubes. Place together the pineapple and pear cubes in a blender. Add honey and lychee syrup. Blend it once. Add crushed ice or ice cubes and blend it smoothly.

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Pour in a tall glass or cocktail glass.

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It’s rich and refreshing!

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Served decorated with mint or lemon slices.

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The finished product. More fruit shakes, juices and smoothies next posts.

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