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What is summer without cold drinks? Just got a refreshing boost to beat the heat, it’s a fresh fruit harvest to enjoy the quality of luscious fruits for your summer shakes, juices and smoothies. Grab the sweetest and mellow flavor fruits mixed with almost a sour piece and blend it, juice it, smooth it down to make a healthy and energy booster drinks. Even without your favorite tropical fruit, you can substitute any kind of fruit and blend together bringing 2 or more fruits to decide your faves after a hot day would be enough to cool your taste buds.

My Everyday Fruit Shake

All fruits are infinitely mixable according to your own likes. It is the simplest thing to make and most refreshing after a hard work. Nowadays, almost all recipes are printed in cookbooks and magazines, we all eat and serve the same kind but, there’s changes every season, the process of making it, adding new flavors and variations. What do you think? When the next idea will come from? Unless you’ll try to make and remake to love it first before sharing with others. You don’t need to order shake in the restaurant if you know how to make it yourself and economical. You’ll feel the good mood knowing you are saving energy and money.  With too many fruits around, you can do more for it.

Everyday learning is a continuing process. If you want to make it right, do it with accurate proportion to balance the sweet and light sour, delicate sweet taste and  sweet fragrance for better results. Once you’ll discover the satisfaction, it would already be an everyday habit making it for your family. Sometimes, you’d do more than you’d expect. I think, you’ll wish you had started it earlier.

It’s important to check all what is needed before you start, you need a juicing machine to make work faster. Always keep knives sharp for best results and cutting. Juicing machine is bit expensive particularly the high speed but, there are small ones which is inexpensive. Next, you need a good Blender or Osterizer to blend fruits to any kind of adjustment like chop, grate, grind, stir, mix and puree the fruits and vegetables smoothly.

For juices and smoothies, only the juice of the fruit is used and fruits suitable are those with high power and strong natural flavor while the shake is the whole fruit itself or with milk. Blending of fragrance,freshness and color is a good addition. Sometimes, I don’t want to mix soya milk with other fruits even though it’s energy booster, lots of friends don’t like the taste. They prefer just a plain solo fruit or with milk which is a good compliment to avocado and cantaloupe.

I’m using an old blender, a traditional one I’ve been using it for years now,it’s  still the same blender since my younger days and 20 years after is still existing. It’s quiet durable. I’ve posted some fruit shakes and smoothies earlier. Check previous page.

This is the right time for you to serve your simplest best. Do it for Juices, shakes and smoothies. It’s quick and easy to prepare. Here are some of my homemade Shakes,Juices and Smoothies.  Try all fruit shakes. It’s totally refreshing and irresistible!

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_3650 copy copy

 Honey Melon Shake, creamy and smooth.You’ll feel the real fruit throughout.

Copy of DSC03455 copy copy

 Papaya Shake is a mellow one.

IMG_8702 copy copy

Mango Shake

At home, everyday drinks is mango shake, when it’s cold really stands for refreshment. Mango shake are great favorite among Filipinos of every age.

IMG_3813 copy copy

 Watermelon Shake, it’s a perfect shake during hot hour.It’s totally cool and watery moisture makes the best mood.

IMG_4219 copy

 Strawberry-Kiwi Shake

IMG_4309 copy copy

 Pineapple-Pear Shake is a combination of sweet and light sour taste. Good for high tension.

DSC03484 copy

 Peach Mango Shake

IMG_4318 copy copy

 Peach Berry Shake

IMG_5426 copy copy copy copy

 Guyabano Shake

IMG_4171 copy copy

 Kiwi Shake

IMG_5461 copy copy

 Avocado Shake, absolutely creamy and rich in flavor.

IMG_4250 copy

 Apple Kiwi Berry Shake

DSC03400 copy copy

 Cantaloupe Smoothie

IMG_2387 copy copy

 Navel Cadet Smoothie

IMG_5108 copy

 Lemon Iced Tea

DSC02640 copy

 Pineapple Juice

IMG_9416 copy

 Mango Orange Juice

IMG_8871 copy

 Orange Apple Juice

IMG_8954 copy

Fresh Orange Juice

Soon again, I will make some drinks of the tropics. I think, Melon Colada is fine. Melon Margarita and Honey dew Daiquiri are among the rest.

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