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Fruit Salad Station

A station for everyone who enjoy eating fruits. It is something that will welcome each guests to choose his own favorites and arrange it according to their own taste and style. The way you mix and match makes the goodness,the greater varieties,the more freshness and the more it looks refreshingly good as it tastes.


Because we eat fruits everyday,I’ve learned more about fruit presentation,arrangement, cutting,slicing as well as fruit arrangement and more to value our good health. I’ve learned to express my ideas. Here’s sharing you some importance of fruit salad station.

1. It will highlight the good combination and sweetness of fruits.

2. Perfect for buffet table arrangement.

3. It gives the freedom to pick up better choices for your best favorites.

4. If you have a fruit sensitivity, or an allergy to certain fruit,you’ll refrain to what is forbidden that it gives you better options, you can have other fruits to choose from.

5. You can arrange fruits the way you like it, you may want to serve it in small bowl or on a platter.

6. You’ll learn to balance the sweetness that suits your own taste by adding sweet syrups or other dressings.

7. To see wide choices of fruits on the table,you’ll get into the habit of eating well.

8. You’ll know how to calculate and control the amount you can consume.You will know how much is enough for you.

9.  Easy to prepare, no cooking needed, no fats and you can prepare it ahead of time.

10. It’s nutritious and healthy treat.

11. Good sources of fiber,vitamins and other components.

12. Wide range of flavors on the table, you’ll forget to crave for any junk foods.

13. Fruit station is a great way to get attention of the kids to love fruits instead of candies.

14. Ready to eat and neatly sliced, It’s easy to pick up fruit slices.

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