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Avocado Shake


What you need:

1 cup water

1 cup ripe avocado flesh, seeded

1/4 cup honey

½ cup milk

1 cup ice cubes or 2 cups crushed ice


How to make:

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Ripe Avocados

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Cut the avocado and halve it lengthways. Remove the stone.

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You may peel it if you want. Peeling the avocado, you can get the green portion down there. Cut into cubes. You can freeze it for 2 hours or overnight.(optional)

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Place avocado flesh in a blender and add honey. Blend it once. Add crushed ice or ice cubes and blend it smoothly.

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Pour in a tall glass and decorate with mint, cherry or the avocado flesh  itself.

 Note: Avocado is available all year round. Avoid hard, overripe or shriveled avocado. Overripe avocado has unpleasant taste.

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