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Today’s subject for outdoor photography: Fresh Strawberries and Grapes

Setting: Garden 

Craving for summer fruits? well, I’m feasting with fresh strawberries and grapes today. I’m trying to hold it so I can take few shots for you. Anyway, it’s my daily practice to photograph any kind of fruit before eating them. The idea I’d like to point out here,  is to change your mood and to create softness from happy to quiet while viewing the 2 subjects.

The shooting was done in the garden, outdoor location to connect with the natural light of the sun (done midday) to create a good mood upon viewing it. I want to create a cool condition and natural color to reveal the good details of form and texture. For the 2 subjects, the strawberries particularly, I want to make it ideal adding more reflections that came from the above view of the tree reflected on the table. You can clearly see the green shadow of the tree that came from above view. Perhaps, the red color of the strawberries will appear lovely bright within light levels.

For the grapes, a bit background from the surrounding area like: drift woods and plants from behind. Strawberries on a platter, the white background will make these fruits even brighter and sharp because it was done under full sun. If you know how to control the light by covering both sides using white cardboard to shelter from the wind and extra unwanted shadow reducing the intensity of the bright light or reflectors.

Framing a definite subject is always my practice, how I love to take these Macro shots but sometimes the danger is great because small particles came from fruits is noticeable. That is always my problem using macro. What I’m pointing here is you don’t need all those bright lights if it will give unwanted shadows, that’s why, I’m controlling the intensity of light. For macro shots, you need close equipment at distance. Macro lenses fitted to the camera, 55 mm, 100 mm to 200 mm is great, shows more good working condition specifically designed to perform at close range.


IMG_2976 copy

One example of an image showing unwanted light. that’s the reason why, controlling the light is a must. To take macro shots like these, the bad side, you’ll see the small particles that cannot be seen by our naked eye. 


Let me tell you how it was done, here’s showing  you the result and comparison between 2 photos. Both subjects taken outside while the sun is up. To see the difference between the 2, your mood will swing.


DSC04312 copy

Grapes on a white plate. I used a white cardboard for the frame to reduce the intensity of light.  The white background exposing the natural freshness of the fruit although, it is sharp.Having a white background will emphasized more on the subject itself. My mood will rise and seems active.

IMG_6588 copy

The Green grapes shows calmness and coolness of the surrounding, the tree shading the subject with the view of the garden. It’s just like looking a good view from afar.  To see the grapes, my mood is more  peaceful. DSC00849 copy

For the strawberries, its a macro shot, the white background makes the image more colorful and attractive. However, just like the grapes with white background, same method applied.


Bringing toward you all my shots taken today. Here are some macro shots for strawberries


IMG_7724 copy


IMG_7736 copy


IMG_7737 copy


IMG_7735 copy

More fruits images next post.

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