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A lot of bright ideas and versions you can do with fruits.I guess, you’ll not enjoy the hard or unripe, it must be firm and perfectly ripe to achieve the best possible sweetness. The good thing, it is important to know how to pick the best one; like fruits without bruises and to avoid overripe and unripe.

For fragrant fruits like mangoes, it is good to look at, the skin is perfectly clear in yellow, without black spots and bruises but, don’t be deceive by its look. Sometimes, you’ll feel disappointed because of its unpleasant taste, it might not be mellow sweet that you’ve been looking for, but tasteless.(the sweet flavor has disappeared) It happened when the mango was picked before maturity given less time to mature and develop, it is often the cause of disappointments from the buyers. Just like humans too, it might be very good on the outside but terrible in the inside. In choosing one good, probably you will have a hundred try! Oh guys! ha hah I’m not here to talk about humans, we’ll come to that soon.

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I love mangoes, particularly the ripe ones and the green Indian mango is my favorite pastime during my childhood days. I grew up in a small town of Piat, a faraway place of Northern Luzon. Our backyard was totally full of mango trees, some of those was planted by me during my younger days at age 13, you know, majority of teenagers in our place never planted a tree before, that makes it different to what I had experience way back then. Despite the mountain top location, I was able to make it up to 3 mango trees. I can still recall, I was given the freedom to do as I loved doing it. Till this time, I’m still enjoying the fruit of my own harvests. It has been quiet a long time now, mangoes in Cagayan getting older but, I don’t like to cut it, old memories and good effort will always be treasured.

Nowadays, mangoes come into cropper earlier. Some farmers has failed to count number of days allowing the mangoes to stay until maturity, they are very in a hurry to deliver fruits to the market because of the increase of demand by the consumers.

However, In choosing and picking a good mango, I firmly believed that if a certain mango doesn’t smell like the original fragrance of the fruit itself, I’m pretty sure, it’s 100% tasteless. It is applicable to all fragrant fruits like; Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Pineapples, Apples, Melon dew to name a few. Before buying mangoes, it already my practiced to smell it first before purchasing it, it would be a wise move but it would also be awkward to smell a hundred fruits.

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In addition, if you’ll find a good one within the groups, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all those mangoes in a group are the same in taste. You have to check and compare the size, color and skin covering just to make it sure that it came from the same tree. Problem arises during harvesting season, when the mango pickers, farmers and producers mixed all the mangoes that came from different sources. This is the reason why, you’ll find one good and others less sweet in taste.

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Summer is the best time to buy mangoes as at their peak in flavor and less expensive. Probably, in choosing a mango, you need to carry all your senses; to see if it looks good, to touch if the skin is thick or thin and to smell if it is fragrant and more, you need to pick the right one which is heavier than its size. As long as the mango smells good, the taste is right!

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