Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


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To start the day right, I woke up early today to prepare a simple pancake breakfast for the family. I used a Cholesterol Free Pancake Mix which is also high in fiber, less fat with Muscovado sugar. Following the directions of the package given, I’ve added few set-ups of fresh fruit slices to make it more presentable on the table. The muscovado sugar makes the pancake slightly browned when cooked but, the light taste is just right. We all want a sugar -free for the preparation which includes not only the the fat free syrup but also the soft-extra light 75% ¬†fat free butter as well. It’s just a simple breakfast for kids and easy to make for young beginners.

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This is the first meal of the day, Cholesterol Free Pancake topped with sugar-free maple syrup, strawberry slices served with kiwi rings and fresh orange juice.

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