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BUFFET- Dads,Kamayan,Saisaki

Today is not just an ordinary day, it’s a family celebration we are about to celebrate. Of course, all family members were very excited, I’ve decided to celebrate at home, would love to serve my new dishes possible but, with too many foods to cook, many things to consider like;to get the house prepared, kitchen done and to buy all the stuffs needed for cooking, it would take too long for me to cook and prepare everything. That would give me a plenty of rush and a stressful work so,we decided to dine out.

Nowadays, you cannot justify the price of food. Sometimes, it’s better to have a dinner in a restaurant that offers a reasonable price particularly if they serve everything all in one. As the result, We find ourselves choosing to eat here, Dads, Kamayan, Saisaki along Edsa, just a 15 minutes drive away from home. We are not new to these restaurant, we are regular customer of Dads for more than 18 years already. I remember when the SM MEGA Mall branch was opened, we were one of the first customers to eat there. We all had birthday celebrations at Dads too. I can’t count how many times we’ve been to all branches (except Glorietta branch) it was countless times.

Dad’s Ultimate buffet, one of the country’s top buffet restaurant that includes Saisaki and Kamayan, gaining popularity in both local and international front. The restaurant has earned a good name producing quality foods particularly U.S Roast beef, Roast Turkey, Roast leg of lamb, Japanese Sushi, Original Lechon de leche, and many more…

Dads divided into 3 buffet sections; Dads serves American and Continental cuisine. Saisaki serves Japanese fare and Kamayan serves Filipino specialties. All buffet tables has all the festive array of different cuisines, the  Eat-All-You-Can, the unlimited food, you can make a choice of your favorites.

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 Upon entering, the restaurant staffs will politely welcome you with greetings, with their sweet smiles to make you comfortable and relaxed as you wait for other companions to arrive. It was a warm welcome!

IMG_8130 copy

The restaurant staffs as they performed modern dance. You can do the groove. What a wonderful way to start!

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Asst. Manager of Dads,  Manny Galapon  with Jericho Brillon.

Given the chance to photograph around. I’ve been very fortunate to meet other townmates of mine from Northern Luzon and some smiling friends that gamely said ‘’yes’’


Here’s another beautiful friend of mine, Dads Asst. supervisor, Rosemarie (in black ) from Bohol,


Of all the delicious foods that Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan is famous for,there are lots will always be loved for. What makes a restaurant enjoyable to eat anyway? If it provides all your favorites, deliciously and perfectly cooked food, cool and clean atmosphere and a good customer service. That’s all i want, nothing more!

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The night calls for my first favorite and favorites among the guests. Tender and tasty U.S. Roast beef  shows exactly the right color and best taste.

IMG_5648 copy

Chef Ron Evangelista showing culinary expertise, slicing the Roast beef thinly.

IMG_8022 copy


ha hah, You guys are awesome!

IMG_8024 copy

Ron and company. ( sorry-to indicate the other name soon)

IMG_5706 copy

Dads Paella

IMG_5708 copy



This is the most suitable for me, I had some Sushi particularly the California Maki and Sashimi, that’s my personal favorite. I was enjoying every plate of it.  What is good about sushi is that, aside from its freshness, no oil added. With a squeeze of calamansi, kikkoman and wasabi,  there it goes!

IMG_5668 copy

Staffs from the Saisaki  station

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IMG_5655 copy


IMG_5650 copy


IMG_5660 copy


 IMG_5657 copy


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IMG_5713 copy




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IMG_5726 copy


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IMG_7983 copy

My best favorite, Sashimi Salmon.


The best home-cooked Filipino specialties that serves also traditional Filipino foods,various meats flavored. Kamayan is best known for  the original Lechon de Leche.

IMG_5679 copy

I had some of these. A plateful combination of Ginataang Kuhol, Kare-Kare, Bopis, Clams, and many more… All the flavors I had tasted, you will also love that good taste. I had some Dinuguan too, the taste seems similar with the way we cooked  in the province, almost the same taste. ”Ginataang Kuhol is truly delicious. I’ve never tasted like this before. It inspires me to create my own version Ginataang kuhol soon.


The kind of dessert that makes me sit down for 2 long hours only because I’m ashamed to make it for 3 hours, LOL!

IMG_5826 copy

The exciting piece is here! Of their many desserts, Mango peach crepes  is my personal favorite.  It is assembled and arranged while you wait. I was watching on how  it was done, few minutes of waiting  is worth it.

IMG_5816 copy

An artistic idea that allows the server to any creativity.

IMG_8106 copy

What a very pretty plate. A wonderful combination of flavors , add-on  and luscious fillings.

IMG_5779 copy


IMG_8110 copy


IMG_8200 copy


IMG_5733 copy

Strawberry Ice cream topped with candy sprinkles and Marshmallows.

IMG_5634 copy

 Fresh Fruits, slices of pineapples and watermelon

Thank you guys! I will see you again soon.

As we are about to go, the staffs tells me to come back again, Of course, ‘’I surely will. To revisit Dads again soon. The more you eat, the more you crave for it. Go for Dads, Saisaki, Kamayan

Dads,Saisaki,Kamayan has more to offer for parties, any celebrations you need to make arrangement in advance.

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