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Month: March 2014

BUFFET- Dads,Kamayan,Saisaki

Today is not just an ordinary day, it’s a family celebration we are about to celebrate. Of course, all family members were very excited, I’ve decided to celebrate at home, would love to serve my new dishes possible but, with too many foods to cook, […]


Coming Soon… BUFFET DINNER- Dad’s ,Saisaki and kamayan.  Sorry for the delay, I’m still in the process of  cropping and marking all the photos. but it was already drafted earlier. To be published if not today, definitely it would be tomorrow! Note: One thing I […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people A combination of 2 fruits that can be served in small portions. The simplest way of serving finger fruits as a snack or dessert. What you need:  10 pcs  med-sized strawberries, 1 piece orange How to make: Follow the method as […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people It’s a finger fresh fruit of 2 flavors that gives a bite of freshness. Creating a fan style, it looks good as it tastes. I made 2 different kinds of fruit with same method lately, it’s a quick way to […]


It’s more enjoyable to pick your own strawberries and eat with your hands, you’ll appreciate more the freshness in natural state. To serve it fresh, you don’t need to clean everything. Just after washing it, save the stem and calyx  to show freshness and to […]


Here’s a trendy arrangement of strawberries. One way of introducing strawberries as a pretty snack and dessert on the table.