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The good variety of strawberries grown in La Trinidad, Benguet. It was all planted in rows and a feet apart with each other.La Trinidad has the good type of soil and a climate which is considerate to these kinds of fruits.

Strawberries are people’s favorite,Indeed, my favorite too. I used these fruits for my making Fruit salad delight, it looks attractive when mixed with other fresh fruits on a platter. It is also a nutritious snack, a refreshing dessert, good for jams, jellies, ice cream, and shakes.

IMG_2861 copy

Shots taken in the Strawberry fields of  La Trinidad,Benguet The strawberry field is a very good example of a clean landscape. You can see here growing in many rows.

IMG_2860 copy

The white flower appeared here is white in color, that’s the strawberry flower. The white flower will soon turns into white fruit. Beside the flower is the strawberry fruit which is partly red and white, the other one is still full white. When unripe, the fruit is white in color, however, as the fruit ripens, it gradually turns into color red. You can only pick strawberry when it is fully ripe.

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Frequently, we only think about the sweetness of the fruit, that’s important but many fruits have even more to offer.They may have both the sweetness, scent, nutrition and color? Strawberries  has it all!

DSC05215 copy

Freshy picked strawberries in a box.

In La Trinidad strawberry farm, you can pick your own strawberries. The owners will guide the strawberry pickers around charging  Five hundred pesos per kilo. It is costly compared the price in the public market of Baguio city. Heavy cropping and picking done in the month of March to April  when the fruits is abundant. The good thing about picking on your own, you can feel the excitement and the refreshing fragrance around that makes you more excited. It’s worth it!

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