Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


Once again, it’s a Valentine masterpiece. I will show you example on how to please your loved one this coming Valentine’s day. This is just a simple art using fresh strawberries as the center of attraction on the table. It’s good to serve strawberries on this special day because the red color and heart-shaped  not to mention the sweet fragrance represents love, it’s just like serving your love using these fragrant fruits. Previously, I’ve made unique arrangement on how to serve these fruits;  strawberry alphabet, strawberry heart, circular – shaped strawberry, strawberry in a cocktail glass and platter arrangement. Others, it was arranged into layers with other fruits on a bowl, cups, and boats. Here are some of my creative strawberry art for today. It’s a heart-shaped arrangement on a platter, you can create your own similar to this, it’s just expressing creativity using strawberries.  Try it!

DSC05135 copy


DSC05066 copy


DSC05051 copy


DSC05059 copy

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