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Fruit Cocktail (Click on images to view larger)

Lychee or ‘’Lai Tzi’’ ( mandarin) is an ideal fruit to begin with.It’s the fruit that I’ve been craving for, the refreshing sweetness, juicy with sweet fragrance is delightfully good. Indeed, I ate a lot of these fruit. Good Lychees are produced in the growing areas of Southern China and Taiwan. Now, it’s already in Korea and Japan. I don’t have to fly all the way to China and Taiwan to get these fruits. It is now available in the Philippines.

To distinguish it from others, We call it ‘’Lychias’’ Sometimes, the sweetness of these fruits linked to the old stories of the past way back 8th century, just like the apples, grapes and pineapples too. I remember the story of my grandmother during the Tang Dynasty in ancient China. Lady Yang Gui Fei ,one of the ancient beauties during the time of Emperor Xuanzong, her favorite fruit is lychee. These fruits brought to the Emperor’s palace by pony express because that time.it was only found in a faraway place in Southern China. One story has been retold that one time, the couriers of the Emperor uprooted the whole tree to be delivered immediately to Lady Yang. It was an old fashioned kind of loving that you have to sacrifice the whole tree bearing fruits abundantly.

To this present generation, you might find yourself in trouble if you‘ll uproot the whole tree even though it will serve as a present to the Majesty, protest from the environmentalist will surely hit you. T he real account passing through generations, never taken for granted, take it as useful lessons on how to behave.

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Today, you can give a basket full of fresh fruits, it’s perfect to those who loved fruits. If you are lucky enough to have a home-grown fruit tree,You can just pick up the fruits and pack it beautifully. When lychees is not in season, I regularly buy Lychees syrup in can. It is rich in flavor and ready to serve, you can even add together with other varieties of fresh fruits. Sometimes, when visitors arrived in no time, you don’t have to rush, you can even mix it with sweetened pineapple slices, strawberries with few drops of honey. It serves as a good dessert home-made style for busy days.

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