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Mango Shake

I devoted a bit of my abundant free time in making different kinds of shakes and juices using fresh fruits in  season; mangoes, papayas, cantaloupes, strawberries, blueberries, pears, apples, bananas and many more. There are many ways to do it, like the mix together ways. I’ve combined blending the mild sweetness, sour and sweet,  delightfully sweet and others which includes;  a low calorie shake for diabetics, trendy summer delight for dieters and delightful drinks for weight gainers.

There’s no shortage of these fruits,It’s always available in the market and you can even use the leftover fruits in the refrigerator.Try one of these and see!

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It’s refreshing and simply irresistible! 

Mango Shake

Makes: 300 ml. 

What you need: 1 medium ripe mango, 1-2 teaspoon honey, 11/2 cup ice cubes

How to make: Scoop the mango flesh. Put together mango flesh, teaspoon of honey and ice cubes in a blender. Blend till smooth and thick. Adjust the sweetness,you can add more honey if you want. For dieters, no sugar needed if necessary . If you want more sweet taste,you can add 1 packet of Splenda, a low calorie sweetener granulated, it sweetens just like sugar too. Each packet is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar without the calories. Pour into tall glasses and garnish with mango flesh or mint leaves. Serve immediately.

Note: How to prepare a mango

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