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DSC04334 copy

Funny white radish  (Click on image to view larger)

Young and tender white radish intended for use in salads. It appeared to be very funny like a long legged dancer trying to stretch for leg splits. It looks like a ballet dancer!  How about the extra roots right beside the hips? I’m just wondering why the early frame of the legs builds up funny forms. Other radish and radishes has a better and normal shape but this one is different. The long tapering end,Instead of growing straight ahead,the end tip started to break apart forming twin ends.

The same thing with other varieties of vegetables like; cucumbers, gourds and other root crops like; carrots, parsnips, and potatoes too. The produced results remarkably  extraordinary in shapes and figures.

DSC04322 copy

I added some props to make a stylish fashion form.

I could hardly explain why the deformity trouble occurs? Is it because of the soil? water? Why? Any gardeners out there?

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