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                                        Navel Cadet

This is a refreshing chiller that your kids and teens will like after a day long hike. It’s a simple, healthy and nutritious drink. Encourage your child to pick up any fruit and blend it this way!

Makes: 250 ml (8 fl oz)

What you need:1 lime, 2 small navel oranges or 1 big orange and 1/2 ripe mango

How to make: Juice the lime and oranges. Cut the mango halfway and scoop the flesh. Puree in a blender together with the mango fresh and ice cubes.( You can also prepare mango in advanced,a day before. Just place the mango flesh inside the freezer until you need it) Serve in tall glasses.You can decorate it with orange slices, bit slices of mango or you may prefer lime. However, I have used mint leaves instead of fruit slices for decoration on top.

 DSC00888 copy        How to prepare the mango


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My Navel Cadet in tall glasses

Note: If the fresh fruit is not eaten immediately, refrigerate it and use it within 2 to 3 days.

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