Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


Everybody ought to learn about simple meals using whatever is available on hand. You don’t want to waste any and rush to buy to the nearest convenient store or, you don’t want any repetition of the same menu done yesterday? Check what’s inside your refrigerator and gather everything. I guess, you will have lots of options on what to prepare for mealtime. It’s fixing leftovers to transform it from simple to special. A total transformation to make it delicious different from yesterday’s menu. Here’s my leftovers today.I’m thinking of something delicious to serve out of these foods. Maybe, Chinese noodles is good and soup would also be perfect for these type.

DSC00675 copy

My food leftovers today waiting for the next options. I regularly gather leftover food, place it inside a small container and freeze it. I just don’t want to waste any especially commodities are now high. Sometimes,you cannot justify the cost of food. I keep it until the time to need it. ( I can keep it for 3 days only) Check the new outlook down there. I’ve made 3 kinds of recipes out of it. It’s simple, easy and delicious! It’s good enough for lunch.  

After transformation. It took only 35 – 40 minutes to cook 3 recipes at the same time. All recipes goes well with each other, the blending of taste will compliment it.

DSC02058 copy copy

Pancit Canton, It’s a Chinese noodles.

Chicken and Cabbage Soup copy

My soup for today. It’s Chicken and cabbage soup. This is something I feel confident making it, Chinese soup. It was thickened with a cornstarch(dissolved in water)

DSC00931 copy

My version of Yang Chow Fried Rice. Try to make something out of imagination. Gather all your left-overs and think of something delicious out of it.Try yours now!

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