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I’ve invited close friends to learn and discover the new flavors of mooncake. Of course ! Green tea is always present to match with the flavors. When shared with  friends around and want their opinion on what they would think about the taste  and their own favorites. However, some Chinese friends are aware of what the taste is. Nowadays, Mooncake has become more popular  and to places where they are made like; China and Taiwan. The Chinese has created and developed wide range of different varieties. It was well-packed inside the box and comes in various color and taste. To some, it looks pleasing to the eye.


IMG_4694 copy

Our Philippine version is also a good choice. Black Mongo Mooncake with salted egg yolk inside. It was well formed, a perfect circle. If you cut halfway, you ‘ll see the salted egg yolk inside that represents the moon.

IMG_9562 copy

Mini mooncake of Taiwan;  combination of both Lotus with salted egg yolk ( Left side) and  (right) Black Mongo with salted egg yolk inside.

This second picture above caught our attention, all 4 flavors combining together in single box. The taste was perfectly right, no sugar coating and lightly sweet. The egg yolk was surrounded by lotus paste and the other one with mongo paste. I was delicious !  I’ve published some shots of Mooncake taken previously and I almost forget, the latest was yesterday.

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