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I’m the kind of person who can’t survive without eating my favorite fish, ”Lapu-Lapu”. The delicious flavor of this fish will kill my senses,longing to eat for more. I bought this for P 550.00 a kilo this morning. It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it. Nowadays, you can’t justify the cost of food. I go for it as long as it is essential in food nutrients following a well-balanced diet. I don’t like foods that are exceptionally high in calories that’s why, fish is always served on the table with vegetables too. Today, I’m planning to cook steamed Lapu-Lapu, It was a idea and method I’ve learned from my mother. It’s good to steam while it is still fresh although, my  family prefer Lapu-lapu with sweet and sour sauce. I might as well do both recipes for lunch and dinner!

Here’s the whole Lapu-Lapu. I’ve captured it before cooking.You can simple see how fresh it is!

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IMG_6731 copy


IMG_6733 copy


IMG_6735 copy


IMG_6736 copy

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