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Incredibly nutritious and fragrant apples. Chinese red gala apples are available throughout the year. These kind of apples can eaten with their skin, it is good for everyday snacks and perfect for desserts too. You can just bite it as it is still fresh and perfectly ripe.Preferably,cutting it into wedges is good and a common practice but the best way is to serve with full flavor and freshness.

However, others prefer to peel it before cutting into thin slices.  If it is not quite ripe and it is tart,cooking and baking will improve it especially if it is baked with heavy syrup. Once it is already prepared and served but,you will delay eating it,brush the surfaces with calamansi (Native lemon) or lemon juice to avoid discoloration that may cause browning. In buying,Choose the firm apples with unblemished skin. Keep it in a cool dry place or store in the refrigerator,it should be eaten within a week.

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