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 Fruit Photography

Subject:Fresh Rambutan

My photography for fresh fruits, I’ve photographed it in advanced before my friends will arrive. I’ve invited some friends to come over and share the sweetness of Rambutan.The flesh of Rambutan is similar with the Lychee but, it’s different in taste. Rambutan has a natural smell and Lychee fruit is fragnant. The external part looks like sea urchin.The skin covering is firm and tough like a thin rubber but,the taste so refreshing and sweet!

IMG_9738 copy IMG_9740 copy IMG_9741 copy IMG_9742 copy IMG_9744 copy IMG_9747 copy IMG_9748 copy IMG_9750 copy IMG_9757 copy IMG_9759 copy IMG_9765 copy IMG_9862 copy IMG_9865 copy IMG_9868 copy IMG_9872 copy IMG_9873 copy IMG_9877 copy IMG_9882 copy IMG_9888 copy IMG_9894 copy IMG_9904 copy IMG_9910 copy

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