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I was excited to discover lately that it was possible to pick up the first fruit of an Atis grown in our own backyard. Perhaps, the easiest fruit to grow in any kinds of soil with no watering needed.It was abundant and continously bearing fruits. Indeed, it is designed for our weekly consumption throughout the year.

Atis or Sugar apple is a  tropical fruit in the Philippines and one of my favorites too.The sweet taste is refreshing especially when it is cold but,the most intriguing is to see the scaly- rough skin and the fruit itself contain numerous seeds. I’ve collected more than 20 seeds from one medium Atis alone.

One thing good about picking fruits in your own backyard,well assured to be guaranteed fresh,clean and first hand to touch it.It also looks attractive outdoors bearing many fruits at the same time and the tree never become tall enough with no disturbance to other plants.It is well adjusted even in a small garden,the garden doesn’t need to be spacious to plant these kind of fruit.

I just hope that it will live longer,I’ve reduced and produced my expenses for fruits growing in our own backyard,It’s a big help and the excitement to get up early to pick the fruits is a blessing!! I’ve photographed my first harvest!

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IMG_2734 copy IMG_2735 copy IMG_2740 copy

My First harvest

You can easily determine the fresh texture of a fresh Atis.It is full light green in color with no bruises  and black spots at all.Having bruises and black spots is not good,just represents how many people have touched it.Blackening of scales makes the fruit dirty and annoying to see. Much as safer to buy a fresh one and the fist hand.

IMG_9583 copy IMG_9584 copy IMG_9588 copy

The fresh ripe atis,you can see the light pink color in between the scales.

IMG_9589 copy IMG_9592 copy

 Ripe Atis 

Freshy-picked.You can see the internal parts ;the creamy white in color of the flesh and the big stalk inside.From the pictures,you can now imagine how many seeds inside it.To eat these kind of fruit, you need to be patient to remove the seeds.However, it’s worth to tastes the sweetness!

IMG_9725 copy IMG_9727 copy IMG_9729 copy IMG_9803 copy IMG_9812 copy

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