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A bite of Taiwan’s mooncake is delightfully sweet and tasty.So far, the best mooncake I’ve ever tasted. Mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastries eaten during the  Mid-Autumn festival or mooncake festival.It is a Chinese specialty made before the festival and eaten during the same time.Some varieties are among the favorites of the tourist and best-seller for years now.

Yesterday, We received boxes of mooncakes from Chinese friends in Taiwan,and again it was a festive gifts. The mooncake box was attractively colorful and beautifully printed.I guess, it was made from a good quality paper.The mooncake in a box  has a special flavors and contains different fillings: Lotus ,black and red bean paste with an egg yolk inside. I’m enjoying the sweet taste paired with my favorite tea and goes well with coffee too. I have gathered all the mooncakes and photographed it for you. I ‘m glad to share my impressions and to describe each one next post.

Taiwan’s Mooncake in a box

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IMG_8896 copy

You can see here the trendy boxes of mooncake. Beautifully designed that best represent their culture.

IMG_8639 copy

Great finds in Taiwan.Many influences and different flavors.

IMG_8868 copy

Well represented in bright pink color.

IMG_8873 copy

You’ll definitely love to see what’s inside!

IMG_8871 copy

Chinese can really produce the best boxes in standard quality.

IMG_8885 copy

The mooncake red box,One of my favorites.

IMG_8878 copy

It’s just like I’m taking you to the Taiwan’s bakery.All mooncakes here produced in Taiwan and,It’s always the best choice for me. Are you curious to see what’s inside? Oh! Visit again my next post.

Note: I stored all the mooncakes in a cool place but must be consumed within a week.

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