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Kiwi fruit is also known as ‘‘Chinese Gooseberries”. The 2 colors of Kiwi fruit; the green kiwi and the golden kiwi. The green kiwi has a fuzzy skin,brown in color and oval in shape. The internal part of kiwi green has a bright emerald green with black  group of seeds forming a rounded formation inside is very attractive to look at while, the golden kiwi has a smooth skin compared with the other one. It has a pointed tip with red and black seeds inside.The green kiwi is the most commonly used in fruit salad and possible additions to green salad, refreshing snack, perfect dessert for every meal including salad tops. You may prefer to eat it in a natural state is best. However, both has the same nutritional value.

I’ve prepared some salads using kiwis,others are simple and to some  topped with it. Preferred cuts of rounded form,bite-sized,wedges and quarters depending on how you use them.You may want to compose best with individual servings or just a simple rounded slices on a plate.

Just like other fresh fruits,it is best when it is eaten in its natural way.For different ways of serving kiwis,from individual to platter arrangement,Here’s how ! Surprise your family and guests with kiwi fruits.

IMG_6365 copy

Green kiwi

IMG_6370 copy

The festive look and bright green color of kiwi fruit looks just as it tastes

IMG_7657 copy

 How to peel a kiwi fruit.

IMG_7676 copy

 The rounded slices for kiwi fruit.

IMG_7687 copy

 For a rounded or wheel cuts.An oval piece makes it into 6 slices.

DSC06995 copy

 Sliced kiwi fruit on a cocktail glass.

DSC05173 copy

 Kiwi fruit with red and green apples.

DSC05200 copy

 Kiwi fruit with gelatin.

DSC05191 copy

 Banana split with kiwis.

IMG_6222 copy

Kiwi fruits as a perfect snacks,good for outings and picnics.

IMG_2865 copy

 Kiwi with other fresh fruits.

Note: Kiwis can be stored and refrigerated up to 4 to 5 days.


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