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I loved to slice it,a soft avocado is very easy to cut, the skin may be smooth or rough,dark green or reddish-purple.You may cut it lengthways or simply peel it. You’ll be amazed to see the  longest avocado I bought lately.

Here’s how to prepare an avocado:

1. Wash the avocado. Wipe it with paper towel. Be careful to handle it and do not let it fall.

2. Halve the avocado lengthways,separate the other halves and remove the stone inside.This is the way to remove the stone.

3.Flick it slowly with a round bladed knife.

4. If you want to peel it, peel it slowly as the avocado flesh is slippery. I prefer to peel the avocado so not to waste any flesh and slice the flesh as you can use it in sandwitches, for soups or fruit salad.

5.You can slice the avocado flesh lengthways or scoop it with a rounded scooper, or you can scoop the flesh with a spoon.

6. You can serve the avocado half in a shell with French dressing.

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