Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


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Summer fruits on a platter which is naturally fresh and refreshing.(Click on image to view larger)

This is how I arranged fresh fruits before serving.To achieve brilliant result of serving on a platter,lots of things going on in order to be creative. I’ve re-arranged all the fruits with different shades,just like feasting with taste and colors which is delighting to the eye.

This is my way of creating my own masterpiece

The Kiwis was cut into rings that looks like a wheel,you can clearly see the beauty of the inside part,it is naturally attractive with the red strawberries.The redness of watermelon looks elegant.Dragon fruit with the dramatic whiteness,looks unique with the black spots and white background.The grapes consisting with 3 different colors;green,red and black.The oranges was cut into quarters without skin.The lemon on the edge was cut into wheels exposing the membrane inside. It is very simple and easy. What makes it more attractive is the kind of arrangement made.Just a simple touch of the day, the nutritious fruits on a platter.

Note: All fruits available throughout the year and abundant during summer,the price doesn’t shock you.What to buy: All fruits must be perfectly ripe and free of blemishes.

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