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I was very lucky to discover such a huge fruit like these,Awesome!I haven’t seen a fruit like these before,it was shiny greenish skin,firm and hard fresh.It was exceptionally long and big avocado. When I bought it, it was still hard and green,it aren’t ripe yet.Day after,the color starts turning into a reddish one and the next day,it was already dark reddish and purple in color. That means, it was already perfectly ripe.However, some varieties when ripen stays the same in color but, these one undergoes color changes.

Avocado is good when ripened on and off the tree.Ripening affect the flavor and texture.It is good to eat when it is still firm and perfectly ripe.When underripe, it tastes bitter. However,When overripe, starts to become soft and the taste,you might not like it. For a sweeter version, It is best eaten raw with honey and all purpose cream. Others,they like to eat it with a full cream chocolate milk.Other uses; avocado is good for snacks, salads, soup, sandwitch, dressing and sauces.

Avocados nutrition facts is good.It  is rich in potassium and vitamins. It is also very rich in fat and high in calories. My dietitian always reminds me of some benefits you can get with it ,and at the same time, it is bad to people with high cholesteror levels and high blood pressure.you must also think of what you can get for the calories that counts also.Just eat moderately to be safe.

Here’s the funny thing, I’ve measured it with a piece of foot rule,one foot it length.I’m curious,I want to find out how long?

IMG_2820 copy

You can see the foot rule here in between 2 avocados.Definitely,got 2 avocados on hand. The foot rule is by inches and centimeters.The measurement of one avocado is 13 inches in length.The other one is closer.

IMG_2817 copy

Viewing per piece. This is the long one,both avocados has tapered neck.This one is longer than the other one.

IMG_2808 copy

The body of these is bigger but the other one is longer.

IMG_2821 copy

Got 2 big avocados to measure. Amazing!


It was completely ripe inside,the color was right,the flavor was good and I feel good too.I love to slice these avocados.It looks like these inside. It was clean and perfectly great in taste. It is just enough for the whole family.Now, I want to prepare something using these fruits.There were many uses and I have in mind to make Avocado shake.

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