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These oranges are quite larger than an average size that normally seen in the supermarket,all uniformed in colors but of course not in sizes.For best photography results,I personally picked up oranges that is perfectly ripe to achieve good color and freshness.More impressive if the complete stalk is in,unlike other fruits when they are ripe,the stalk will start to crack.It is quiet important to handle it with care, not to let it roll and fall upon photographing them, much trouble can be caused through bruises and blemishes that will induce a deep spot that can be seen in  the picture especially if the background is white. and I’m sure,you’ll find it.

Previously,I tried different backgrounds using other fruits such as; Strawberry heart-shaped, Strawberry Circular shaped, Strawberry fruit alphabet, Dragon fruit, Cantaloupe, Mangoes, Fresh Melons and some of my favorite fruits. 

Using the same subject: Taiwan King oranges, Navel oranges, Slices of oranges in a cocktail glass. 

Here’s the result of today’s fruit photography.


DSC06108 copy DSC06109 copy DSC06112 copy DSC06115 copy DSC06119 copy DSC06120 copy DSC06127 copy DSC06129 copy DSC06131 copy DSC06137 copy IMG_0200 copy IMG_0201 copy IMG_0208 copy IMG_0212 copy IMG_0213 copy IMG_0218 copy copy IMG_0220 copy IMG_0226 copy IMG_0227 copy IMG_0229 copy IMG_0230 copy IMG_0236 copy IMG_0237 copy IMG_0239 copy IMG_0242 copy IMG_0248 copy IMG_0260 copy IMG_0263 copy IMG_0268 copy IMG_0276 copy IMG_0277 copy IMG_0286 copy IMG_0314 copy IMG_0316 copy IMG_0327 copy

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