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It’s time for Summer photography.It’s terribly hot and the heat is on outside.Indoor photography is just as fun not to expose myself from the heat of the sun. It seems I’m protecting something,Oh well, my skin tone colour is already light brown,no need to add more into it.Staying home is the best protection from the hot sunny days and to make make myself worthwhile? Fruit photography is a hot summer fun!

My photography subject; Taiwan king orange

With a black background, it seems the orange color was firmly emphasized.(16 images all in all)

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_4013 copy IMG_4018 copy IMG_4021 copy IMG_4043 copy IMG_4054 copy IMG_4057 copy IMG_4063 copy IMG_4064 copy IMG_4069 copy IMG_4075 copy IMG_4191 copy IMG_4196 copy IMG_4207 copy IMG_4224 copy IMG_4234 copy

IMG_3997 copy

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