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Dragon fruit

Originally from Central America although it is widely available in Thailand, Vietnam and now grown in the Philippines. Dragon fruit is also known as”Pitahaya.’’ A firm and fuchsia coloured fruit with a thick skin covering that looks like a shiny rubber. It has a scaly leaves that looks like a dragon scales, this might be the reason why it was called a Dragon fruit because of its scales and the shape  resembles the banana heart or blossom but, different in size, dragon fruit is quite smaller than the banana blossom. It has a light sweet taste which  is perfect for  dessert and a healthy snack.

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One of my favorites when making Fresh fruit salad medley.With the presence of dragon fruit is suitable to all my fruit salad combinations.

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These kind of fruit is always present and a good welcome replacement for Kiwis as it tastes refreshing especially when it is cold.

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For my Summer fruit delights, I’ve made different assortment of fruits in season arranged on a big platter and some for my Fruit shells such as; Fruit boats and bowl.

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