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Refrigerator is full today and it gives me lots of option on what to cook.Almost all kinds of fruits are present today;some green and red apples, grapes,oranges,strawberries,guyabano,cantaloupe, bananas, green and ripe mangoes,pineapples and dragon fruit. All fresh fruits are almost complete for fruit salad combination or fruit shakes. You can see the guyabano in packed.It’s my first time to try it in package and it was good.Sorry for the mess out there! It wasn’t stored in its proper place.I was so in a hurry to packed these fruits just after my supermarket shopping which is usually done on weekdays.

This month is a productive one, good supply  of fruits in season with special prices. Almost the best fruits and some of my favorites at their peak.For other fruits,I don’t need to buy papaya  and calamansi (native lemon) anymore, We have a home grown papaya in the garden.I can just pick one anytime I need it.

Now,Let me take a second look and organize my refrigerator.It’s time to cook and prepare fruit salad.I hope I didn’t missed some essential items needed for my preparation today.

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