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Summer is fast approaching in the Philippines and I’m sure it’s a real hot summer. There are many ways to cool yourself down myself. Cantaloupe will make it easier for me to beat the summer heat. When the heat of summer tires me with thirst,eating it is the solution. It’s my favorite summer fruit and perfect for carefree morning too. There were individual tastes of cantaloupe , some rich and ripe, some sweet and crisp.I just loved the simplicity of chilled one, and savor each individual taste. It will compliment other fresh fruits or great by itself alone. But for a special treat, I’ve combined it with other fresh flavors and previously,I’ve made a salad bowl using the cantaloupe. Other things,A tasty milkshake is good for cantaloupe but,the calories would be greater with so much sweets. I guess, you will not like something that adds weight.You may want to skew them and pop them on a grill, brush them with a marinade of lemon juice or a mint leaves as they cook. It’s an ultimate and savory appetizer. The good thing about these fruit is that, it flushes fat away and makes body slim.

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Season: Different varieties of imported melons are available all year round, except for watermelons, which are in season only during the summer and early autumn.

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To pick a perfectly ripe cantaloupe, to test it if it is ripe? Look for a musky smell cantaloupe, and press the side of the stem with your thumb, likely be lumpy as well is good. A whole cantaloupe melon serves 5-6 people. This is a helpful tips that will help you pick the right one.

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