Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


Christmas is just around the corner,definitely, it gives me the opportunity to cook and tastes different kinds of dishes and drinks too. I want to keep myself in tip-top shape but, these foods seems to be very appetizing and my¬†favorite foods makes me hungry. I couldn’t help but to taste holiday foods served on the table which makes me forget about my dieting. Here’s some of my favorite I’ve prepared and served earlier ! !

DSC01421 copy

Crab with blackbean sauce


Crisp fried chicken

DSC02511 copy

Stir-fried squid

IMG_3130 copy

Spicy chilli crab


Oriental fried chicken covered with fried rice

IMG_6502 copy

Steamed prawns with garlic sauce

IMG_4073 copy

I make my own California maki

IMG_6797 copy

Stir-fried prawns

IMG_6547 copy

Prawn Tempura

DSC00350 copy

Beef Short Ribs

DSC02059 copy

Chinese Noodles (Pancit Canton)

DSC06016 copy

Clam soup Filipino style

DSC03969 copy

Kare-Kare recipe

Chicken and Cabbage Soup copy

Cabbage Soup with Chicken

DSC03333 copy

Steamed Brocolli

DSC06440 copy

Apple Salad

DSC01148 copy

Prawn Cocktail

DSC01158 copy

Festive Fruit Medley on a Platter

IMG_8925 copy

My Fresh Orange Juice

IMG_9407 copy

My Fresh Mango Juice

IMG_8441 copy


My Cold Iced Tea

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