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It’s just a jolly type of  monster for the Halloween night dinner. It was fun making something different to attract the kids.There’s no reason to use a pumpkin every time,this piece of banana is just right for the zoo cage.Using raisins in place for the eyes and apples for the nose will invite big smiles.


How to make it:

First of all, you must make a zoo cage for this owl salad. Here’s how to make it! Use a sharp knife to cut a 1 1/2-inch piece of banana.Using a spoon to spread Cheezee squeeze.I’m using Cheddar cheese spread,a cream cheeze. Place  3 crackers into a plastic bag and crush it with your hand or rolling pin.I have used a horizontal tiny crackers for this part.

To make the eyes:

Use a sharp knife to cut thin carrot slices, I cut it rounded as shown here. Put a dab of Cheezee squeeze in the center of each carrot slices. Push a raisin into the cream cheese. Using a thin apple slice for the nose. Attach it with the cream cheese. This is easy as long as the cheese is sticky enough to hold it firmly.

Everything’s ready. The finishing touches was done quickly .

Using this type of Cheddar cheese spread. It’s just good enough to hold the owl eyes and nose.

The close-up shot!

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