Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


I woke up earlier than expected  this morning. That means,got some time to prepare a good breakfast for the family.I won’t have to drive through fast food restaurant or to the nearest convenience store to grab a breakfast pack. Although, It’s just a quick and simple,It would be a wonderful way to start the day right.I believed, the faster the meal is prepared, the better it is.

Some people, They don’t have the time to prepare breakfast especially working moms and busy students, that’s why they go for convenience nearby.Others they lack appetite during the rush morning hour before going to office or school. The first meal of the day is really important because we need to refuel our body before doing physical tasks for the day. Energy giving foods is a wise choice, a fat and protein for strength.We need something that will energize  and keep our body fit. This is a meal of my favorites consisting of Pouched egg,Baked spiral pasta,Chicken curry Phil.style, 2 slices of cheese, Fish fillet with white sauce served with steamed bell pepper,tomatoes and asparagus.And for my drinks is Orange juice. Here’s my first meal of the day!


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