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A thirst -quenching, cold,clear and refreshing Lemon iced tea.

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How to make Lemon iced tea                                                    Prep:10 minutes


1 envelope of Nestea Litro pack iced tea

5 glasses of water

1 navel orange or lemon,sliced into circles (You can sliced into quarters, it depends on what you want)

Iced cubes /you can also use crushed ice too

Sprigs of fresh clean mint (optional)


-Empty  one envelope of Litro pack Nestea into the pitcher.(You can use any clear suitable container)Pour 5 glasses of cold water.Mix well,stir to dissolve.Stir in lemon or oranges.Refrigerate.

Note: For the diebetics, use the sugar free envelope pack. I’m using an instant pack of Neatea,(net wt.-25g) no more sugar needed.

You can add any flavor at the beginning of the preparations. You may also want;lemon,orange,fresh mint and apples would be fine.

Before serving: Pour into a large punch bowl,it’s good for parties or, serve in glasses with ice cubes.

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