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This salad is fun and exciting to make especially for the kids. Following the photographs will help you understand the step-by-step instructions. I adopted this salad from the  book,”Step-by-Step Kid’s cookbook.”

The Zoo cage salad. What a beautiful cage!

I’ve made a bit difference here. I sliced the other orange halves into cubes and poked the toothpick on top of the roof cage.


-Large orange



-Cream cheese

-Carrot,sliced thinly

-raisins for the eyes


-Whole almond or Oreo cookies for the nose


The fresh oranges.




1.Using a sharp knife, cut both ends of the orange.Discard the end slices.

2.Cut the rest of orange into 1/2-inch thick slices. If you need more additional cage, cut another large orange.

3. For each cage, Place one orange slice on a plate. Poke it with wood stick, or toothpick. Secure it firmly.

4.Use your fingers to tear the parsley, and fill the center of  orange slice with parsley.I don’t have available parsley today. Instead of parsley, I have used lettuce Romaine.

5.Place another orange slice on top of the picks for the roof of the cage.

Done. See, how easy! This is the finished product.

Next time, I’m going to make animals for these cage. It will be something spooky. I want the Owl Salad,Monster salad, and the Mouse salad.

Note: For the kids: Showing tecnique and methods is easy when someone shows you how! When you try the first time, you must handle the knife with care.Make a hobby to use a chopping board when cutting.

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