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I always buy a fresh lobster prawns with the best quality.It is really important to know how to distinguish defects. It must not show deterioration.To check the fresh ones; See to it that the body is shiny green like these (refer to the images,click on images to view larger)shell is firmly intact, and must have a pleasant sea smell.Prawns are  Available all year round.To avoid storing, you must buy only what you reasonably consumed and cook it the day you bought it.I prefer these 3 kinds of fresh prawns; Black tiger prawns,the red spot prawns and the lobster prawns. It’s my family’s favorite.

When prawn is used as a main course,You may want to try variety of prawn dishes; Butterfly prawns, Hot and Spicy prawns,Stir-fried prawns,Prawn cocktail and Tempura. Previously,I have prepared Prawn Tempura and   Prawn cocktail with lettuce and some additional fruits as accompaniment and different dressings. You may add any kind of available fresh fruits in season as long as it is soft. It will add interest, different taste and color combination. Fruits are even cheaper at the peak of their season.

Lobster prawns

Black tiger prawns

Brown tiger prawns

To buy all kinds of shrimps and prawns: Follow the same instruction above.

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