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There are many types of souvenirs in Taiwan, such as good foods,other miscellaneous items and unique artworks.Lately, We bought a lot from there. In particular, foods that you can buy in a very reasonable price.I love it and many tourists as well. As a souvenir, pineapple cakes, the grad of mullet roe or other preserved foods are very popular. For me, the finest Oolong tea is good. As for the artworks, you can find modern and traditional style designs and there are many types of artworks made by local Aborigines in Taiwan. Nowadays, they create beautiful and unique accessories as well as the traditional art crafts. We brought home all these specialties.

The Sun Cake or Sun Biscuit. It’s a famous dessert in Taiwan.It is a combination of malt and sugar. The sweetness is just right.

The Sun cake is a very popular dessert in Taiwan. Lots of stores selling these famous dessert.The crust is puffy and easy to take off so it is better to eat while having tea or coffee.

This is the filling. You can see the inside part,it was sticky and light yellow in color.

The traditional moon cakes. It was stick with different fillings. It has 3 different flavors; with sesame seed, sweet peanut crust and black mongo. I prefer the black mongo, it was so delicious.

This one is the peanut flavor. If you love peanuts, this one is for you.

The Pork Jerky. It was tough and tasty. Best for drinking wine.The black pepper and satay which is a bit  spicy is good.

Preserved foods.

All cake boxes and gift items are well-designed and beautifully printed. Lots of stores in Taichung are selling these favorites.

This is the pineapple shortcake. A small cake with the combination of sweet and sour taste. The dry dough is filled with pineapple. Other flavors: Almond and Chestnut shortcake.

The fragrance and taste of these specialties is memorable. I’m craving for it everytime.


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