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It is summertime, we eat fruits as much as we can, either on the lawn, or backyard garden. We often picnic in our own backyard.If the weather is good and the sun is up shinning, we sat down under a nice shade of Manzanita tree, setting tables and we’ll put the tent up. It’s a normal get-ups for the whole family but if, the weather is not good and cooperative then, we’ll set-up the tables inside as the center spot.

Picnic time is just fun and exciting, it creates closeness, togetherness. It’s the lively conversation, listening to mobile music  that makes good atmosphere entertaining. This is just a unique style than someone else. For some reason, Not only fruits always tastes better outdoors but, all kinds of food surroundings-your entertaining will have a flavor all its own. It’s the freshness and good mood that counts, and appetites become ravenous.

During summer vacation, I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen just cooking when other family members could be enjoying,playing and having fun together. I would also want to miggle and do the same thing. Having picnic to your own backyard is easy, nothing complicated to cook in advance.I t’s just a simple menus and recipes to enjoy with the company of all family members around. I will just consider outdoor picnic as an exciting activity and memorable time for all to relax.


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